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SDF Tutorial Prototype - ver. 0.9.1

====== Welcome to SDF User Contributed Tutorials ======

This is a shared, member contributed, set of tutorials for existing and potential SDF users who are interested in the INTERNET, the UNIX operating system, and programming languages. The purpose of this wiki is to help new users learn about and UNIX through practical and useful examples.

Initially, this was a subset of the information from the HTML1) tutorials at → tutorials.

It's expected that the wiki content will grow and change. If you have SDF wiki access, please write additional tutorials, migrate traditional tutorial content updates/changes, or port new upcoming traditional tutorial content. Copies of the SDF traditional tutorial import data 2) was kindly provided by contributing members of SDF.

1. SDF Basics

2. Email

3. Website Setup and Hosting Features

4. Advanced Topics

  • Using skeys - Logging in securely over insecure protocols
  • Emacs Tutorial - Emacs Basics, using Emacs as a work environment
  • SSH - Using SSH to secure and route client applications through SDF
  • SSHFS - Using SSHFS to mount SDF folders on linux local machine
  • EncFS - Using EncFS to manage encrypted folders
  • PSSHFS - Mounting SDF Folders on a NetBSD Local Machine
  • VPN - Connecting to the SDF VPN (PPTP and OpenVPN).
  • rsync and scp - Backing up $HOME using rsync or scp.
  • CVS - Using CVS on SDF
  • GCI - The SDF Green Computing Initiative
  • MDNS - Automatic MDNS examples (MetaARPA)
  • RubyGems at SDF - Setting up the 'gem' command
  • scmgit - GIT Source Control Management introduction
  • SDFARC Repeater List - A list of repeaters used by The SDF Amateur Radio Club
  • - SDF's User Video Gallery
  • X11 Forwarding - Setting up and running X11 applications (MetaARPA)
  • $HOME/bin - User compiled programs in SDF's multi-architecture environment (ARPA)
  • Screen - Multiplexing your terminal (MetaARPA)
  • Tmux - An alternative to Screen (MetaARPA)
  • MineCraft - SDF very own *private* MineCraft server
  • Chicken - An implementation of the Scheme programming language
  • ECL - the Embeddable Common-Lisp programming language
  • Mobile Applications - Applications for mobile devices
  • Port Allocation - Port Allocation and Usage information for MetaARPA Members.
  • UUCP - POLLing SDF for UUCP USENET News and Internet E-Mail.

5. Internet Chat Relay (IRC) on SDF

6. SDF VoIP Telephony Service

7. SDF Dialup and DSL INTERNET Service

8. SDF Radio! / ANONRADIO Service

9. SDF VPS Service (available to MetaARPA members)

10. Cheat Sheets

11. Dotfile Repository

12. - SDF Public Access TWENEX

13. Online privacy

14. Retro-Computing

15. Plan 9 from Bell Labs

1) , 2)
Something of a html2docuwiki dump of the traditional HTML tutorials exists here. It was useful for replicating content in this wiki.
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