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Plan 9 9front at SDF

xSDF Boot Camp resource:SDF User Contributed Tutorial (wiki; about)

Mouse Button Identification

xfrom the left button to the right button:1, 2, 3
xfrom the left button to the right button:A, B, C
button identifier
:1. :2. :3.
button identifier
:A. :B. :C.

Plan 9, plan9front, Boot Camp

  • Unspecified mice detail
    • Serial
    • PS/2
    • USB
    • Roller Ball
    • Optical
Part Number 1) Description 2)
M-CAD01UBBKWired – 3 button mouse user manual:!: external link 3)
M-CAD01DBBKWireless – 3 button mouse user manual:!: external link 4)
M-S3Cbutton layout – 5 button mouse user guide:!: external link 5)
DY651AVintage – 3 button mouse
M-CQ38Vintage – 3 button mouse
M-UVDEL1Vintage – 3 button scroll-wheel mouse 6)
X08-70385Vintage – 3 button IntelliMouse scroll-wheel 7) mouse
31P7405Vintage – 3 button ScrollPoint 8) mouse
MO09BOVintage – 3 button ScrollPoint 9) mouse 10)
none 11) Vintage : serial and PS/2 mouse 12)
none 13) Vintage : keyboard PS/2 to USB active adapter 14):!: caveat emptor
DX-WRM1401 15) Vintage : DX-WRM1401 PAW3515 16) 17) 18)
none 19) : foam tape shim glue 20)
none : button step platform aid 21)


SDF Boot Camp resource
9front - Plan9front
Plan 9 - Plan 9 from Bell Laboratories
Plan 9 - rc
Plan 9 - Programming

9front - Plan9front

xSDF Boot Camp resource:SDF User Contributed Tutorial (wiki; about)
xplan9front on an SDF VPS:SDF User Contributed Tutorial (wiki; about)
xplan9front additional topics (prototype):SDF User Contributed Tutorial (wiki; about)
xVirtual Private Server Service at SDF, including Plan 9for reference

Plan 9 from Bell Laboratories

xPlan 9 on SDF VPS:Plan 9 on SDF VPS (html; about)html update needed

Plan 9 - rc

xPlan 9 Rc Survival Guide:Plan 9 Rc Survival Guide (html; about)

Plan 9 - Programming

xPlan 9 C Programming:Plan 9 C Programming (html; about)
xPlan 9 Go Programming:Initial Setup on

Plan 9 Boot Camp

SDF periodically runs a Plan 9 Boot Camp which is open to anyone with an SDF user account. These Plan 9 Boot Camps are announced on 22), plan9-l, or bboard 23). The Plan 9 Boot Camp events are typically seasonal quarterly occurrences that run for 3 months.

In 2009 SDF moved to running 9xen-pae thanks to work done at Sandia/Los Alamos. Since then plan9front has made significant improvements and SDF moved to using plan9front pc64 exclusively in 2020.

In 2021 SDF announced a complement amd64 plan9front server for use with the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp.

xVisit for the Plan 9 Boot Camp 24) 2022Announced December 28, 2022
xAn online SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Registration is available.Winter Camp: December 21, 2022
xSDF Plan 9 Boot Camp 9p communication resources(please ask for help)

Activities of the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp include:

x:!: The 2022 Summer Plan 9 Boot Camp challenges are taking place on the server, 9p notes are located here. :!:
xDetails on any of the following mini-projects can be expanded into their own wiki sections, or in separate tutorials. Some of the mentioned mini-projects may overlap with content from the earlier legacy, or wiki, tutorials.


xInstallation or pre-generated 25) Plan 9 instance under Xen
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 26) ed, network configuration
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 27) drawterm (from your computer), rio and stats
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 28) acme, sam, abaco, mothra and man
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 29) mapdemo, catclock, juggle and tetris
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 30) 9front and contrib via ftpfs
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 31) mailing list and facesFACE OFF NEINBOOK! ready
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 32) riot, picker and topngYou've got THE LOOK! ready
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 33) bboard, castor and fingerbboard -p
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 34) Unicode, UTF-8, and fontviewer
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 35) broke, ps, and slay
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 36) calendar, topic and backup
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 37) function, reply and prompt
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 38) factotum, delkey, and password

During the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp you are encouraged to make screenshots and videos of your Self Guided Discoveries and share your experiences on plan9-l to inspire others to do the same.

xThe SDF Image Gallery wiki page offers a link to additional SDF Social Networks, for possible web based Boot Camp screenshot sharing.

Add a Plan 9 tutorial

* (Add a link to your Plan 9 tutorial here, playground 39) namespace tutorials included.)

xplan9front additional topics (prototype):SDF User Contributed Tutorial (wiki; about)

TEA NOTE guide

xTHE TROPICS, a scheduled 40) TEA NOTE guide, and the January 8th TEA NOTE at 2PM PST 41)21:00 UTC
xTEA NOTE 42) Live stream location at
xPlan 9 Boot Camp Tea Note Presentations (SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp community)

* (playground:misc event notes are acceptable here. Please exclude any chat dialogue/information. Please exclude images at this time.)

xNotes from TEA NOTE #N Sunday August 22, 2021 — Note[s] from a member of the audience.

Tip: Search the SDF wiki for tutorials that contain a mentioned subscription keyword.

xFor use by existing ARPA members 43) 44)Support SDF through recurring donations and memberships (html; annual subscriptions, including MetaARPA, VPN, VPS, VHOST, VoIP, MOTD.ORG, DBA DataBase membership, Mastodon, Peertube, and teddit contribution)
xFor use by anyone interested in SDF.A review of SDF propaganda materials.





xIntroduction to Operating Systems Abstractions Using Plan 9 from Bell Labs (pdf; external archive)
The part numbers are provided for Plan 9 Boot Camp search practice.
The descriptions are intended for Plan 9 Boot Camp communication and discussion.
3) , 4) , 5)
The external link is provided for illustration.
6) , 7)
This mouse scroll-wheel is also a reasonable button 2.
8) , 9)
The scrollpoint not a mouse button.
External scrollpoint reference
11) , 13) , 19)
Adding DIY to the example keyword search will change the results.
12) , 14) , 16) , 20) , 21)
An example keyword search.
Adding PDF to the example keyword search will change the results.
This mouse scroll-wheel is also a button 2, and requires further evaluation.
Additional scroll-wheel mouse part numbers for further evaluation
The beginner to intermediate participants use the 9front Drawterm application to access their Plan 9 Boot Camp rio rc prompt (%).
25) , 27) , 28) , 29) , 30) , 31) , 33) , 34) , 36) , 37) , 38)
Beginner level self guided discovery.
26) , 32) , 35)
Intermediate level self guided discovery.
The TEA NOTE notification, or discussion, occurs on plan9-l.
Check the UTC at the tty $ date -u +%R or local-time at cpu% cp /adm/timezone/US_Pacific /env/timezone && clock or utc time::UnitedStatesPacificTime
Presentation is dependent on schedule availability.
Type 'arpa' at the SDF shell ($ arpa) for details.
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