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ITS - Incompatible Timesharing System

ITS is a timesharing system created at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1967 for their PDP-6 computer. It was soon moved to the newer PDP-10; for most of its life ITS ran on four of those machines. ITS is known for it's lack of security (no passwords, no file permissions), using a debugger as the login shell, and pioneering many famous programs.

The SDF ITS is at and is running on a KA10 emulator with an attached PDP-11 for serving Knight TV raster graphics terminals.

Some basic tutorials:

More information can be found by running INFO, and on GitHub.

Suggested topics to explore:

  • Zork and Advent, classic text adventure games.
  • Emacs, the first version.
  • Maclisp and Scheme, major Lisp dialects.
  • Macsyma, symbolic math.
  • Logo, programming for kids.
  • C, pre-K&R version.
  • Muddle, the Dynamic Modeling programming language.
  • Maze, the 3D first person shooter (needs an Imlac emulator).
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