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((( o ))) | | | ---===--- ANONRADIO

ANONRADIO (formerly SDF Radio) is a streaming “internet radio station”.

To see the program schedule, visit

To Listen to ANONRADIO

The easiest way to start listening is to visit in your web browser, and launch the web player.

Alternatively, you can use your favorite media player to open the live stream at “

Don't know how to do that? Fear not! Below are instructions for how to do that with some popular media players.

On Windows

VLC media player (

  1. File -> Open Network

To get around occasional drops in the stream which may occur when DJs/programs are changing, select Playback -> Repeat One.


On Linux or BSD

VLC media player (

Using the GUI:

  1. Go to Media → Open Network Stream
  2. Enter the address and press the Play button

Using the ncurses interface (“nvlc”):

  1. Press P to show the playlist screen.
  2. Press A to add an item to the playlist
  3. Enter in the “Open:” field and press Enter

Or, if you start VLC from the command line, you can specify the stream to open:

$ vlc ""

mplayer (

At your shell, type:

$ mplayer

mpv (

This one's a little different — wait, no it's not. At your shell, type:

$ mpv ""

ncmpcpp (

  1. In “ncmpcpp”, press 2 to access playlists
  2. Press a to add a station.
  3. Add “” and press enter.

SoX ([[|]])

At the shell:

$ play -t mp3

note: the “play” command is part of the “SoX” program.

To make it more useful for ANONRADIO use, it's helpful to put it into a shell script like so:

"#!/bin/sh -e
#  anonradio - streams SDF ANONradio via sox(1);
#  retries automatically if stream dropped
if [ -x $(which sox) ]; then
  trap 'printf "\n anonradio stream terminated... \n" && exit 0' 2
  while [ 1 ]
    do clear
    printf "\nSDF ANONradio - - ^C to cancel\n"
    sox -V0 -t mp3 -d
    sleep 5
  echo 'sox(1) not found or not executable - exiting...'
  exit 1
exit 0"

The above script will automatically reconnect to the anonradio stream if it gets dropped due to a DJ change or network abberation. Stream is terminated using the CNTL+C keys. See the “sox(1)” manpage for the full list of options.

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