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Keeping track of the massive menu of Spreading the word about SDF offerings, and subscriptions

menu of SDF offerings

Service available at
membership level
further action required
user ARPA MetaARPA self-service 1) (log in to maint) email 2) membership prepay for the desired timespan
email at shell
webmail 3)
textmode games and coreutils
bboard, com, local irc
interactive tutorials and bootcamps on exotic operating systems (TWENEX, Plan9)
USENET access 4)
tiny tiny RSS
privacy-focused interface to reddit 5)
SDF Chatter – A Lemmy instance 6)
serving gopher content
serving gemini content
serving static html
choose a vanity domain other than
register and host arbitrary domain name 7) 8)
manage mailing lists 9) 10)
Mastodon 11) 12)
13) with SDF
email address
private Minecraft server 14) 15)
or request an account on bboard → MINECRAFT
16) with Java™
profile username
peertube video hosting 17)
pixelfed image hosting
DJ a show on ANONRADIO
Matrix chat
URL shortening service
[Service] user ARPA MetaARPA self-service 18) (log in to maint) email 19) membership prepay for the desired timespan
compiler toolchains and interpreters (gcc, elisp, perl, python, …)
CGI using shell, awk, sed 20)
CGI using php, perl, python, ruby
VOIP (incoming from anywhere, outgoing within the SDF switchboard)
VOIP (outgoing to the global PSTN, direct inward dialing) 21) 22)
UUCP mail
NextCloud storage space
Gitea account
persistent background processes (tmux, screen)
dedicated port for small-footprint services
ssh tunnel/forwarding
ability to use as a remote SMTP server 23)
permissions to install software and edit tutorials/FAQ
permission to edit this wiki
access to private arpa servers
access to beastie, iceland, sverige
access to the MetaArray
virtual private server 24)
Shared Plan 9 serverBoot Camp 25)
SDF Image Gallery
whoogle search
SDF's MOTD.ORG Message Of The Day…for UNIX users 26)
The elearn Course ServerAn Online Classroom for Electronic Learning 27)
Jitsi Meet – Secure and high quality meetings
[Service] user ARPA MetaARPA self-service 28) (log in to maint) email 29) membership prepay for the desired timespan


1) , 2) , 18) , 19) , 28) , 29)
Use the service form email, when a Service ✔ form email footnote is in this column.
3) , 4) , 5) , 20)
after account validation
After the user account validation.
7) , 8) , 9) , 10) , 21) , 22) , 23) , 24)
recurring payments above and beyond the baseline for that tier
A private, SDFer only, instance.
Decentralization and the Fediverse.
13) , 16) , 25) , 26) , 27)
form email
The SDF Minecraft Player field accepts letters and numbers only‚ no punctuation or special characters.
A low line profile username can use bboard; Avoid the Service form email if it's not working.
New user priority is to MetaARPA members due to space limitations.
Recurring payments above and beyond the baseline for the ARPA tier.
Type 'arpa' at the SDF shell ($ arpa) for details.
SDF Fan, Supporter, Patron, or Saint.
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