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This page should match Membership levels on the main website's Join page

1. USERS: Basic Membership Level

USERS (free) (pre-validated)

  • mutt, pop3, imap, icq, twitter, bsflite (aim), local irc
  • games, mud, lynx, gopher, TOPS-20
  • (over 50 domains to choose from)
  • traceroute, ping, whois, dig and more
after account validation
  • inbound ssh, ftp and sftp connections
  • elm, pine, alpine, mailx and rmail
  • webmail interface
  • bash, ksh, tcsh, rc and zsh
  • ed, ex, vi, pico, nano and emacs
  • shell, awk and sed based CGI
  • USENET access (read/post), ClariNET access


 Allows staff, volunteer or adjunct at an accredited college or K-12 to
 self-manage a virtual UNIX classroom. A prospective instructor should
 provide SDF with details regarding their class (such as a syllabus or
 lesson plan). Students create their own accounts and are then validated
 by the instructor. The ATutor CMS is also available for classes.
 Further details are available in the [[ | FAQ]].

STUDENT (free)

 Allows an enrolled student at an accredited college or K-12 school to
 be validated by a qualifying 'INSTRUCTOR'. The account provides a
 student with 'USERS' benefits, as well as development tools of the
 'ARPA' membership. The student can retain this access by joining the
 'ARPA' membership or will be made 'USERS' after the semester.

DIALUP ($7-$10/month)


  • PPoE from 128kbps to 7000kbps
  • DSLAM statistical information
  • static IP addresses available
  • no setup fee, no commitment
  • outgoing SSL SMTP access
  • dialup access (for emergency use)
  • DSL modem shipped to you for $25
  • project site: TENEX.ORG

2. ARPA: Patron Lifetime Membership Level

  • ARPA ($36 one-time)
    • lifetime membership for only $36
    • all features of the 'users' account
    • voting rights on system features and policies
    • private 'arpa' member server
    • outbound telnet, ssh, sftp, ftp, ytalk, irc, snarf, wget
    • Basic VoIP access (internet only, no PSTN access)
    • gcc, elisp, perl, php, python, ruby
    • Twitter (ttytter), SDF VoIP (non-PSTN), Voicemail and conferencing
    • UUCP mail and USENET / ClariNET newsfeed via dialup or TCP
    • 50 domains to choose from for your URL
    • full CGI access for php, perl, python, ruby

VOIP ($15 quarterly)

  • Allows for calls into the global PSTN
  • Flat unmetered service - no minutes, no overage
  • Calls from the PSTN via SDF DID 1+206-299-2120
  • Personal (360) or (425) DID for an add'l $9/quarter

DBA ($30 annual)

  • MySQL and sqlite database access
  • php, perl, python, ruby accessible
  • MySQL access on MetaArray with MetaARPA membership

DNS [Domain Name Service] ($20 annual)

  • domain name service (Dynamic DNS)
  • primary or secondary DNS
  • direct access to your DNS records
  • served across multiple networks

VPM [Mail Service] ($20 annual)

  • allows for Virtual pop3 Mailboxes for your domain (or one of ours)
  • manage your own alias and forwarding Addresses
  • wildcard reception for your domain can be toggled
  • greylisting can be toggled
  • SMTP SSL AUTH outbound mail service

VHOST [Website Hosting] ($5-$20/month)

POINTER [Website Aliasing] ($30 annual)

  • allows you to point to an additonal domain name to an existing VHOST membership domain
  • DNS & VPM memberships are included

MLIST [Mailing List] ($30 annual)

  • 'majordomo' list up to 500 members
  • mailing list archiving and digesting
  • direct management of your list files

REGIS [Domain Registration] ($15 annual)

  • registration for your domain name
  • most TLDs (Top Level Domains) available - including .com, .net, .org, .tv, .uk, .info, .cc etc.
  • DNS membership included
  • free to VHOST members with annual dues

3. MetaARPA: Sustaining Membership Level

  • MetaARPA ($9 quarterly)
    • ARPA membership is required (waiver available)
    • Access to private MetaARPA and MetaArray servers
    • SSL encryption on personal web site
    • Umetered personal website transfer quota
    • cron jobs managed via 'mkcron', screen, OpenLISP
    • SBCL - A Modern Common Lisp implementation
    • Proxying via bouncers like irssi, psybnc
    • ssh tunnel/forwarding with alt port
    • Run background processes and TCP port allocation based on uid
    • Access to rsync and java
    • May write tutorials and system software
    • Dynamic domain name service (
    • MOTD source code contrib access
    • MySQL database on the MetaArray with DBA membership
    • SMTP SSL Auth for remote outgoing mail
    • Google Reader alternative: tt-rss
    • Ability to validate the account of any new user

VPN ($4 month)

  • SDF Virtual Private Network
  • Encrypted OpenVPN service
  • Source IP assignment in (US), (EU) and (CA)
  • Routing origin from the US, EU and Canada
  • External read/post access to the USENET server
  • External SSL SMTP server access
  • Flat rate, unmetered service

VPS ($7-$28 month or $60-$224 annual)

  • SDF Virtual Private Server
  • static IP assignment in
  • Linux: Centos 8.2, Debian 10, Ubuntu 20.10, OpenSUS 15.2, Trisquel 9, Fedora 33, Slackware 14.2
  • BSD: NetBSD 9.1, FreeBSD 11.2, OpenBSD 6.8, DragonFly BSD 5.8.3
  • Other: Illumos OmniOS, Oracle Solaris 11.4, Plan9 9Front, GNU Hurd 0.9
  • 20GB OS images are persistent and can be interchanged
  • Additional disks available in 20GB increments for an additional $3/mo
  • Pre-build and communally managed pkgsrc for NetBSD

MOTD ($4-$8/month)

Where to send donations & membership dues:


SDF Public Access UNIX System
Post Office Box 17355
Seattle, WA 98127
United States

CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL payment of donations and dues

Donate to SDF via PayPal Please be sure to fill in the DESCRIPTION with your LOGIN and desired MEMBERSHIP.

Acceptable funds: Cheques, Money Orders, USD, CDN, EURO, UK, AUS, YUAN, and YEN.
Thank you for your support!

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