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Gitea is a web-based git hosting service that like GitHub, Gitlab, or BitBucket. SDF provides its own installation located at

For advanced users here is how to access SDF gitea using ssh keys

This tutorial is pretty basic and doesn't cover what is in the scmgit-intro.

Getting Started

Explore Public Projects

Visit to see the current listing and to find interesting projects.

Create an Account

  1. become a MetaARPA member
  2. email membership to request an account
  3. wait for the welcome email with your randomly-generated Gitea password
  4. log in to using the credentials provided in the welcome email

Create A New Repo

  • click the “+” in the upper left
  • choose New Repository
  • name the repo and provide additional data
  • decide if this is to be a private or public repo
  • follow the instructions presented after the action chosen has been completed
  • on the gitea page for your new project, click the copy button on the other side of the text box that has the options [HTTP] and [SSH]. The text box has the clone address for your new project
  • back in SDF shell, find a place to keep your gitea projects, and in that folder enter:git clone <URL> It will ask you to log in, then it will connect your local folder git with your repo.
  • Put any files you make for the project in that folder, then:
    • add them with git add <file>
    • commit those changes with git commit
    • push those changes up to your repo with git push
    • continue!

Migrate An Existing Repo

(e.g., one currently living on GitHub)

  • click the “+” in the upper left
  • choose Migrate Repository
  • in the next screen, provide the repo URL (e.g., GitHub) to migrate over
  • follow the instructions presented after the action chosen has been completed


SSH and Gitea - note that Gitea's ssh port is 2222: access_sdf_gitea_using_ssh_keys

Next Steps to Enlightemment

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