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Wiki Authoring

Here are instructions on how to create new wiki pages on this wiki:

Here are instructions on how to edit pages:

A page showing syntax for editing wiki pages: Formatting Syntax

Draft versions

  • Saving a draftfile can be forced by pressing the preview button.
    • Recover1) a retained draftfile with Edit draft (to the right, above Old revisions).
  1. Edit draft Edit draft [e]
  2. Draft file found (heading)
    1. Recover draft Recover draft

Draft versions:

Show pagesource

  • Review the DokuWiki pagesource.
    • Log out to view the Show pagesource option.
  1. Show pagesource Show pagesource [v]
  2. This page is read only. You can view the source, but not change it. Ask your administrator if you think this is wrong. (heading)
    1. Pagesource arrows Pagesource arrows

Wiki Authoring Tips

URL Schemes

Unlike the usual URL links, such as HTTP, FTP, mailto, etc, Gemini links will now2) don't work in the SDF wiki, because it appears to not understand the protocol (which makes sense, Gemini is now not widely accepted yet at SDF) but if you don't surround a gemini link in the link markup syntax with double brackets, dokuwiki will consider // as “start italics” and mess up your document.

so if you type [[gemini://]] inline in wiki markup, it will render as


but if you just type the url straight, as gemini://, it will be displayed as:


After a browser crash
Membership included gemini in the SDF wiki conf/scheme.local.conf file.
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