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Plan 9 Boot Camp Tea Note Presentation — Notes

Notes from TEA NOTE #N Sunday August 22, 2021.

Replace USER with your user name.

% cat popmail
upas/fs -f /pop/
note from hc9:
[% man upas]
[There is no man page for upas.]
[% cd /bin/upas]
[% lc fs]
[% cat fs]
[press the Del key]
[% ls -l]
[The script can use /bin/upas/fs]
% popmail

!Adding key: proto=pass service=pop
xOops, there is the possibility of entering the incorrect password.
xPlease repair the incorrect password to continue.

An “incorrect password” repair is:

% cat /mnt/factotum/ctl
key proto=pass service=pop !password?

% echo 'delkey proto=pass service=pop' > /mnt/factotum/ctl
% popmail

!Adding key: proto=pass service=pop

Use/type fmt in/into the Acme panel menu1 (the 3rd menu) to format an email message.

note from hc9:Additional details about service=pop is located here: POP3, IMAP and SMTP AUTH for Popular Mail Clients.
note from hc9:
Acme hint: there can be three (stacked) menus (from the top down).
1st for Acme
2nd for the column
3rd for the panel

1 The mentioned fmt panel menu text is illustrated elsewhere, in an SDF wiki tutorial.

Adding a face

% acme /lib/face/people/.dict
jpg -c myface.jpg  | iconv -c m8 | resample -x 48 -y 48 > myface.1

This is a people face:

% jpg -c USER.jpg  | resample -x 100 | crop -b 255 255 255 -i -30 | mug > /lib/face/people/USER.1

This is a domains face:

% jpg -c sdf.jpg  | resample -x 100 | crop -b 255 255 255 -i -30 | mug > /lib/face/domains/

Begin snippet of the audio:

term% mixfs
term% cat mic
echo inpin 35 > '#A/audioctl'
dd -if '#A/audio' -bs 8192 -of /dev/audio
term% ps|grep dd
glenda          543    0:00   0:00       32K Pwrite   dd
term% run_theo
term% mic

end of audio snippet.

End Note from hc9:
Sourcehut was mentioned:
H.264 encoder for Plan 9.
Orca, neindaw, and netsurf were mentioned:
orca - ORCΛ for Plan 9.
neindaw - DAW as a file system (use with orca).
netsurf - APE port with Plan 9 native frontend. Works.
Free Carrots #3: Additional Software
There is a wiki playground tutorial that mentions IMAP.
Receiving and sending emails with 9front
     mp3dec, mp3enc, oggdec, oggenc, flacdec, flacenc, sundec,
     wavdec, pcmconv, mixfs - decode and encode audio files
     dd - convert and copy a file
     mug - convert an image to a face icon
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