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contrib via ftpfs

A man page example

From the SDF 9p shell1:

cpu% man ftpfs
cpu% ftpfs -a

An src/Plan9/usr/glenda directory example

cpu% cd /n/ftp/pub/sdf/plan9/src/plan9/usr/glenda
cpu% cp /n/ftp/pub/sdf/plan9/src/plan9/usr/glenda/ $home/
cpu% cp /n/ftp/pub/sdf/plan9/src/plan9/usr/glenda/readme.acme $home/readme.acme

A contrib directory example

cpu% cd /n/ftp/pub/sdf/plan9/contrib
cpu% cd smj

From the SDF shell2:

$ cd /ftp/pub/sdf/plan9

1 plan9port Shell Account. 2 UNIX Shell Account.

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