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¡Bienvenidos al Wiki del SDF!

Below you will find information on the Computers available over the Internet from the ICM through ssh.

Most systems have GUEST access, but if you are interested in long term access you can request an account.

HOW-TO Connect

Once you have a login, you may connect to the host using:

ssh  -or-  ssh
Direct Menu
ssh ssh

Where host is the name of the host you wish to connect to (refer to the list below). This will connect you across a telnet bridge to the host. You will then be prompted to log in with the account you have been granted. The second example will log you into the MENU system which acts as a springboard to all available remote systems.

You can also access the MENU system in the browser at

How the MENU system works

Vintage Systems

Name Computer Operating System Class Physical/
Additional information
multicsHoneywell 6180 Multics MR12.7 Mainframe Simulated
toad-2XKL TOAD-2TOPS-20 7(110131)-1MainframePhysical
twenexXKL TOAD-2TOPS-20 7(63327)-6MainframePhysical
sc40SC Group SC40TOPS-20 7(21733)MainframePhysical
lcDECSYSTEM 2020 KS-10ITS ver 1648MainframeSimulated
ka1050PDP-10 KA10 1050TOPS-10 6.03aMainframeSimulated
kl2065PDP-10 KL10 2065TOPS-10 7.04MainframeSimulated
rosencrantzVAX 7000-640OpenVMS 7.3MinicomputerPhysical
ibm4361IBM 4361VM/SP5MinicomputerSimulatedVM/CMS Survival Guide
ibm7094IBM 7094CTSSMainframeSimulated
cdc6500DTCyber CDC-6500NOS 1.3MainframeSimulated
bitzoneAMD64NetBSD BBSMicrocomputerPhysical
misspiggyPDP-11/70UNIX V7MinicomputerPhysical
lcm3b2AT&T 3B2/1000-70UNIX SVR3.2.3MinicomputerPhysical
guildensternMicroVAX 3900BSD 4.3MinicomputerSimulated
snakePDP-11/84BSD 2.11MinicomputerPhysical
hkypuxHP9000/715HP/UX 10.20MinicomputerPhysical
threeSun-3/160SunOS 4.1.1WorkstationPhysical
indySGI Indy R5000IRIX 6.5WorkstatonPhysical

ASCII Text Gaming

A list of interesting text based games (not definitive)

Game Year Genre Systems available on
adventure 1975,1976 Adventure XKL TOAD-2, decdatasystem 570, IBM 4361
hack 1983 AdventureVAX-11/780-5
HAUNT 1979AdventureXKL TOAD-2
lander 1989ActionAT&T 3B2 1000-70
mazewar 1988 Shooter AT&T 3B2 1000-70
mdg 1990 Adventure AT&T 3B2 1000-70
MONSTER 1970s Turn based, Adventure CDC-6500
nethack 1985,1989 Adventure AT&T 3B2 1000-70
Oregon Trail 1971,1978 Adventure Xerox XDS Sigma 9, XKL TOAD-2, CDC-6500
sokoban 1989 Puzzle AT&T 3B2 1000-70
tesseract 1983,1988 Adventure AT&T 3B2 1000-70
tetris 1989 Puzzle AT&T 3B2 1000-70
rogue 1980 Adventure VAX-11/780-5
VTTREK 1979Multiplayer TREK XKL TOAD-2
wanderer 1988Puzzle AT&T 3B2 1000-70
WUMPUS 1979Turn based, shooter XKL TOAD-2
ZORK 1978Adventure XKL TOAD-2

Living Computers Museum + Labs Computer Collection (historic document)

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