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% This is a minimal slrn scorefile for weeding out certain articles that I
% don't want to see.  I would simply kill most of these articles, but that
% causes slrn to segfault, so I'm stuck with simply marking them read.
% Eliminate the unnecessary & frequent postings of entries from the Perl FAQ:
Score: -1000  % Perl FAQ
From: PerlFAQ Server
% I don't really want to see any Yet Another (First) Ascension Posts
Score: -1000  % YAAP
Subject: YAF?AP
% The following entries apply to all groups
% Downscore any posts made via Google Groups:
Score: -1000  % Google Grouper
Message-ID: googlegroups
% Downscore anything marked as off-topic:
Score:: -1000  % Off Topic
Subject: ^\(R[eE]: \)?OT:
Subject: ^\(R[eE]: \)?\[OT\]
% Downscore (I wish I could kill) the spam from the MI5 Victim guy:
Score: -1000  % MI5 Victim
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