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VPS Plan 9 9front

Mouse Button Identification

xfrom the left button to the right button:1, 2, 3
xfrom the left button to the right button:A, B, C
button identifier
:1. :2. :3.
button identifier
:A. :B. :C.


9front - Plan9front
Plan 9 - Plan 9 from Bell Laboratories
Plan 9 - rc
Plan 9 - Programming

9front - Plan9front

x9front on an SDF VPS:SDF User Contributed Tutorial (wiki; about)

Plan 9 - Plan 9 from Bell Laboratories

xPlan 9 on SDF VPS:Plan 9 on SDF VPS (html; about)
xPlan 9 on an SDF VPS:SDF Archived Tutorial (wiki ; archive index)archive:

Plan 9 - rc

xPlan 9 Rc Survival Guide:Plan 9 Rc Survival Guide (html; about)

Plan 9 - Programming

xPlan 9 C Programming:Plan 9 C Programming (html; about)

Plan 9 Boot Camp

SDF periodically runs a Plan 9 Boot Camp which is open to anyone with an SDF user account. These Plan 9 Boot Camps are announced on 1), plan9-l, or bboard 2). The Plan 9 Boot Camp events are typically seasonal quarterly occurrences that run for 3 months.

In 2009 SDF moved to running 9xen-pae thanks to work done at Sandia/Los Alamos. Since then plan9front has made significant improvements and SDF moved to using plan9front pc64 exclusively in 2020.

In 2021 SDF announced a supplemental amd64 plan9front server for use with the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp.

xVisit for the Plan 9 Boot Camp 3) Fall 2021announcements during September
xAn online SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Registration is available.Current Camp: Fall 2021 runs September 22nd through December 10th

Activities of the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp include:

xDetails on any of the following mini-projects can be expanded into their own wiki sections, or in separate tutorials. Some of the mentioned mini-projects may overlap with content from the earlier legacy, or wiki, tutorials.
xInstallation or pre-generated Plan 9 instance under Xen
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: ed, network configuration
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: drawterm (from your computer), rio and stats
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: acme, sam, abaco, mothra and man
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: mapdemo, catclock, juggle and tetris
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 9front and contrib via ftpfs
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: 9fans mailing list and facesFACE OFF NEINBOOK! ready
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: riot, picker and topngYou've got THE LOOK! ready
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: bboard and castorbboard -p
xSelf Guided Discoveries in: Unicode, UTF-8, and fontviewer

During the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp you are encouraged to make screenshots and videos of your Self Guided Discoveries and share your experiences on plan9-l to inspire others to do the same.

xThe SDF Image Gallery wiki page offers a link to additional SDF Social Networks, for possible web based Boot Camp screenshot sharing.

(Append a link to VPS Plan 9 9front.)

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Thank you for your support.

TEA NOTE guide

xTHE TROPICS, a scheduled TEA NOTE guide, and the November 7th TEA NOTE #4 at 2PM PDT
xTEA NOTE Live stream location at
xPlan 9 Boot Camp Tea Note

* (playground:misc event notes are acceptable here. Please exclude any chat dialogue/information. Please exclude images at this time.)

Tip: Search the SDF wiki for tutorials that contain a mentioned subscription keyword.

xFor use by existing ARPA members1,2:Support SDF through recurring donations and memberships (html; annual subscriptions, including MetaARPA, VPN, VPS, VHOST, VoIP, MOTD.ORG, DBA DataBase membership, and Mastodon, and Peertube contribution)
xFor use by anyone interested in SDF.A review of SDF propaganda materials.

1 Type 'arpa' at the SDF shell ($ arpa) for details. 2 UNIX Shell Account.

The beginner to intermediate participants use the 9front Drawterm application to access their Plan 9 Boot Camp rio rc prompt (%).
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