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#Other places to look for commands
source ~/.mutt/aliases
source ~/.mutt/colors4
#Turns on recording sent messages to outgoing
set record=~/mail/sent-mail 
#Try to set ~/mail/postponed as the postponed messages folder
set postponed=~/mail/postponed
#Though the default editor is vi, make it vi with the wm set to 25
#set editor="VIMINIT='set wm=6' /usr/bin/vi"
#Hopefully use vi_wrapper which was written to contain word-wrapping instead of plain vi
#set editor="vi_wrapper"
#Don't ask me if I should append to the end of a file, just do it!
unset confirmappend
# View html mails using lynx
set implicit_autoview
auto_view text/html  application/x-pgp-message
set mailcap_path="~/.mutt/mailcap"
set mailcap_sanitize=yes
# Reset from address
 my_hdr From:
 my_hdr Reply-To: <>
 my_hdr Return-Path: <>
# The addressbook file
set alias_file=~/.mutt/aliases
# Where all the mail is stored.
set folder=~/mail/
# Don't immediately jump to the next message
set pager_stop=yes
# Make the default sort by arrival instead of "threads"
set sort=date-received
# Which headers to show and hide
ignore *
unignore To From Sender Subject
# Show the following kinds of attachments inline
auto_view text/html
# Don't ask to move read messages to mbox on exit
set move=no
# Random signature
set signature="~/bin/s|"
# Try to make space go to next page
# Didn't work!
#bind generic <space> next-page
# Don't wait more than a second for confirmation that the mail got sent by mx
set sendmail_wait=-1
# Try to view urls!  The \cb means "ctrl-b"
macro pager \cb <pipe-entry>'urlview'<enter> 'Follow links with urlview'
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