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"A configuration file for Vim (<>), the best text editor ever
"Enable auto-indent and set the internal text encoding to UTF-8:
set ai enc=utf-8
"Set matching of angle brackets with '%' and use less vi-compatible behavior:
set mps+=<:> nocp
"Show the line & column numbers at the bottom of the screen:
set ru ruf=%l,%c
"Show partially typed commands in Normal mode and shift one space with >> & <<:
set sc sw=1
"Do case-insensitive searches unless the pattern contains uppercase characters:
set ic scs
"Allow h, l, & the arrow keys to move across lines:
set ww=h,l,[,]
"When spellchecking is enabled, use general English spelling and display the 13
"best possible corrections for misspelled words; be sure to replace the value
"of 'spf' with a path to your own spellfile (see documentation):
set spl=en spf=~/lib/jwodder.utf-8.add spc= sps=best,13
"Disable syntax highlighting:
syntax off
"Don't load the parentheses-matching plugin:
let loaded_matchparen = 1
"Set the keys 's' and 'S' to scroll up or down by 24 lines:
map s 24j|map S 24k
"Set the commands '\-' and '\=' to fill the rest of the line with hypens or
map \- :exe "normal " . (81-col("$")) . "A-\e"<CR>
map \= :exe "normal " . (81-col("$")) . "A=\e"<CR>
"Define the :Center command to (roughly) center the current line between
"strings of hyphens:
command -nargs=0 Center :call s:Center(col("$"))
function s:Center(a)
 exe "normal " . (81-a:a)/2 . "I-\e"
 exe "normal " . ((82-a:a)/2) . "A-\e"
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