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% This is a configuration file for the slrn newsreader.  See the manual for
% complete details on each setting.
% Set what article headers to make visible by default:
visible_headers From:,Subject:,Date:,Newsgroups:,Followup-to:,X-Face:,Organization:
% Set the format of the article list entries when viewing a group:
header_display_format 0 "%F%B %-5l %t %20r %s%74g %-5S"
% Set the format of the groups list:
group_display_format 0 "  %F%-5u  %n"
% Set various variables.  See the manual for most of these.
set abort_unmodified_edits 1
set cc_followup 0
set check_new_groups 0
set confirm_actions 6
set drop_bogus_groups 0
% Use my preferred editor for composing posts:
set editor_command "/usr/pkg/bin/vim +%d %s"
set emphasized_text_mask 7
set followupto_string ""
set generate_message_id 0
set highlight_unread_subjects 2
set hostname ""
% Use mutt for replying via e-mail:
set mail_editor_command "mutt -H '%s'"
set mail_editor_is_mua 1
set new_subject_breaks_threads 1
set no_backups 1
set non_Xbrowser lynx
set postpone_directory News/drafts
set process_verbatim_marks 0
set query_next_article 0
set query_read_group_cutoff 500
% Save all my posted articles:
set save_posts News/posted
set save_replies Mail/slrn
set scroll_by_page 1
set signature .signature
set sorting_method 9
set spoiler_display_mode 0
set unsubscribe_new_groups 1
% Don't use colors:
set use_color 0
set use_header_numbers 0
set use_recommended_msg_id 1
set use_tmpdir 1
set wrap_flags 7
set write_newsrc_flags 1
set scorefile share/scorefile
set decode_directory News/binary
% Set various headers for composing articles:
set organization "SDF Public Access UNIX System <>"
set realname "YOUR NAME HERE"
% Note that, if you define a custom From: header, slrn will still insert its
% own header which needs to be deleted while composing.
set custom_headers "From: YOUR NAME HERE <YOUR ADDRESS HERE>"
set followup_custom_headers "From: YOUR NAME HERE <YOUR ADDRESS HERE>"
set supersedes_custom_headers "From: YOUR NAME HERE <YOUR ADDRESS HERE>"
set reply_custom_headers "From: YOUR NAME HERE <YOUR ADDRESS HERE>"
% Set the format strings for replying to articles:
set reply_string "On %D, %r posted to %n:"
set followup_date_format "%d %b %Y, %H:%M:%S %Z"
set followup_string "On %D, %r posted in %n:"
% Set the formats for the status lines at the top & bottom of the screen:
set overview_date_format "%d %b %Y"
set top_status_line "slrn %v -- %s -- %n -- %d %t"
set header_status_line "%n [%?u?%u/%t unread&All %t read?%?k?, %k killed?]"
set art_status_line "%s -- %f%60g l.%L (%P)"
set group_help_line ""
set header_help_line "<:PgUp  >:PgDn  d:Mark Read  n:Next  p:Prev  t:(Un)Collapse Thread  q:Quit"
% The following two sections remap most of the key bindings to my liking or at
% least so that they use fewer ESCs.  See the slrn manual for the exact
% details.
setkey group bob ^
setkey group catchup r
setkey group eob $
setkey group evaluate_cmd :
setkey group group_search_backward ?
setkey group help h
setkey group page_down <space>
setkey group page_up <delete>  % or <backspace>?
setkey group save_newsrc S
setkey group toggle_hidden @
setkey group uncatchup u
setkey group unsubscribe U
setkey group transpose_groups x
setkey article article_bob 0
setkey article article_eob G
setkey article article_line_down j
setkey article article_line_up k
setkey article catchup c
setkey article catchup_all C
setkey article decode <esc>D
setkey article delete_thread D
setkey article enlarge_article_window +
setkey article evaluate_cmd :
setkey article expunge X
setkey article get_children_headers }
setkey article get_parent_header {
setkey article goto_article J
setkey article header_bob ^
setkey article header_eob $
setkey article header_page_down >
setkey article header_page_up <
setkey article hide_article @
setkey article save S
setkey article shrink_article_window -
setkey article skip_to_previous_group B
setkey article toggle_collapse_threads t
setkey article toggle_headers h
setkey article toggle_rot13 R
setkey article uncatchup <ESC>u
setkey article uncatchup_all <ESC>U
setkey article supersede <ESC>S
setkey article cancel <ESC>C
setkey article help ?
% Set the display attributes of a few screen elements in monochromatic mode:
mono boldtext bold
mono italicstext underline
mono tilde bold
mono underlinetext underline
mono unread_subject bold
mono url underline
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