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% This is a customized slrn help file that I produced from the default one in
% order to reflect my many key remappings.  See the comments in the default
% help file for information on how this file is formatted.
% In order to get slrn to use this file, you have to set the environment
% variable SLRNHELP to the absolute path to it.
 ^			Go to the top of the list.
 $			Go to the bottom of the list.
 Up			Go to the previous group.
 Down			Go to the next group.
 Delete			Scroll to the previous page.
 Space			Scroll to the next page.
 Return			Enter the current newsgroup.
 r			Mark all articles in group as read
 u			Mark all articles in group as unread
 s			Subscribe to the current newsgroup.
 U			Unsubscribe from the current newsgroup.
 a			Add a new newsgroup
 x			Switch positions of groups
 m			Move newsgroup to a different location.
 /			Search currently displayed groups
 ?			Search currently displayed groups backwards
 P			Post an article to the current newsgroup.
 ESC P			Post or edit a postponed article.
 @			Toggle display of groups without unread articles.
 L			Display all groups matching a wildmat
 S			Save changes to newsrc
 G			Refresh listing
 .			Repeat last key sequence
 :			Execute S-Lang command
 K			Select scoring mode
 ESC A			Cycle through group display formats
 ESC 1 L		Hide unsubscribed groups
 ESC 2 L		Show unsubscribed groups
 ESC 1 s		Subscribe to groups matching a pattern.
 ESC 1 U		Unsubscribe from groups matching a pattern.
 ESC 1 Return		Enter group with article number query.
 ESC 2 Return		Enter group, but do not apply score.
 ESC 3 Return		Enter group with query, but without scoring.
 ESC 4 Return		Enter the current newsgroup.
 ^L			Redraw the screen
 ^Z			Suspend slrn
 h			Display this help screen
 q			Quit
Header list commands:
 Up			Move to the previous article.
 Down			Move to the next article.
 <			Scroll header list up one page.
 >			Scroll header list down one page.
 ^			Go to the first article in the group
 $			Go to the last article in the group
 p			Go to previous unread article
 n			Go to next unread article
 =			Go to the next article with the same subject.
 L			Go to the last read article and display it.
 !			Go to the next article with a high score.
 J			Jump to article by server number
 a			Author search forward
 A			Author search backward
 s			Subject search forward
 S			Subject search backward
 t			Collapse / Uncollapse thread.
 ESC 1 t		Collapse / Uncollapse all threads.
 }			Find all children of current article.
 {			Find parent article.
 ESC 1 {		Reconstruct thread (slow when run on large threads).
 ESC 2 {		Reconstruct thread (faster, may not find all articles).
 X			Remove all non-tagged read articles from list
 ESC a			Cycle between header display formats.
 ESC S			Select threading and sorting method.
Article pager commands:
 k			Scroll article up one line.
 j			Scroll article down one line.
 Delete			Scroll article up one page.
 Space			Scroll article down one page (or go to next, if at end)
 0			Move to end of article
 G			Move to beginning of article
 Left			Pan article view to the left
 Right			Pan article view to the right
 /			Search forward in the article.
 TAB			Skip beyond quoted text.
 h			Toggle full headers
 R			Toggle Rot13 decoding
 @			Hide / Show the article window.
 +			Enlarge the article window.
 -			Shrink the article window.
 z			Maximize / Unmaximize the article window.
 g			Skip to next part of digest
 U			Search for URLs and follow them.
 T			Toggle quoted lines
Marking articles:
 d			Mark article or collapsed thread as read.
 u			Mark article or collapsed thread as unread.
 D			Mark entire (sub-)thread as read.
 c			Mark all articles up to the current position as read
 C			Mark all articles in group as read
 ESC u			Mark all articles up to the current position as unread
 ESC U			Mark all articles in group as unread
 ;			Set a mark at the current article.
 ,			Return to previously marked article.
 #			Numerically tag article (for saving / decoding).
 ESC #			Remove all numerical tags.
 *			Protect article from catchup commands.
 ESC 1 *		Remove all protection marks.
Posting & replying to articles:
 P			Post a new article
 ESC P			Post or edit a postponed article.
 f			Post a followup to the current article.
 ESC 1 f		Include all headers in followup
 ESC 2 f		Followup without modifying (e.g. quoting) the article
 r			Reply to poster (via email)
 F			Forward the current article to someone (via email).
 ESC 1 F		Forward the current article (including all headers).
 B			Go to previous group
 N			Go to next group
 K			Create a scorefile entry interactively.
 ESC 1 K		Edit scorefile.
 v			Show which scorefile rules matched the current article.
 |			Pipe article to an external program.
 S			Save article, tagged articles, or thread to file.
 ESC D			Decode article, tagged articles, or thread
 .			Repeat last key sequence.
 :			Execute S-Lang command
 ^L			Redraw screen.
 ^Z			Suspend slrn
 ?			Display this help screen.
 q			Return to group display
 Q			Quit slrn immediately
Commands I'm unlikely to use:
 ESC S			Supersede current article
 ESC C			Cancel current article
 y			Print article as displayed
 ESC 1 y		Print article unwrapped and including hidden lines
 \			Toggle signatures in article pager
 W			Toggle line wrapping in article pager
 ESC ?			Reveal spoilers in article pager
 ]			Toggle PGP signatures in article pager
 [			Toggle verbatim marks in article pager
 ESC l			Locate article by its Message-ID.
 m			(Un-)mark article body for download by slrnpull.
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