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# This file remaps mutt's key bindings to my liking.  See the manual for
# details on exactly what each function does.
bind pager S sync-mailbox
bind pager <tab> skip-quoted
bind pager n next-unread
bind pager . search-next
bind pager <esc>n search-opposite
bind pager ? search-reverse
bind pager H help
bind pager q exit
bind pager <backspace> previous-page
bind pager <delete> previous-page
bind pager p previous-unread
bind pager P print-message
bind pager { parent-message
bind pager k previous-line
bind pager j next-line
bind pager G bottom
bind pager 0 top
bind pager <esc>r recall-message
bind pager R read-thread
bind pager U undelete-thread
bind pager D delete-thread
bind pager < previous-entry
bind pager > next-entry
bind pager i noop
bind pager - noop
bind index <space> next-unread
bind index { parent-message
bind index < previous-page
bind index <backspace> previous-unread
bind index <delete> previous-unread
bind index P print-message
bind index Q noop
bind index S sync-mailbox
bind index D delete-thread
bind index \cD delete-pattern
bind index <esc>r recall-message
bind index R read-thread
bind index U undelete-thread
bind index \cU undelete-pattern
bind index $ last-entry
bind generic > next-page
bind generic ^ first-entry
bind generic $ last-entry
bind generic <down> next-entry
bind generic <up> previous-entry
bind generic < previous-page
bind generic . search-next
bind generic <esc>n search-opposite
bind generic ? search-reverse
bind alias . search-next
bind alias ? search-reverse
bind attach P print-entry
bind compose d detach-file
bind compose F edit-fcc
bind compose f edit-from
bind compose <esc>a edit-file
bind compose e edit-headers
bind compose E edit-message
bind compose T edit-type
bind compose k pgp-menu
bind compose S write-fcc
bind compose p postpone-message
bind compose P print-entry
bind pgp v view-name
bind editor <space> noop
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