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# Color definitions
color quoted brightblue default
color signature red green
color indicator green black
color error brightred default
color status yellow blue
color tree magenta default 
color tilde magenta default
color message brightcyan default
color markers brightcyan brightblue # Should be default  for val 2
color attachment brightmagenta default
color search default green
color header brightred default ^(From|Subject):
color body magenta default "(ftp|http)://[^ ]+"	# point out URLs
color body magenta default [-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+	# e-mail addresses
color underline brightgreen default
# attributes when using a mono terminal
# mono header underline ^(From|Subject):
# mono quoted bold
# This is where aliases go - mine are deleted from this file since you need
# to find your own :)
alias elcarrot Jesse <>
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