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" Show current mode
set showmode
" Allow for display of matching braces with %
set showmatch
" dont autowrap lines
set wrapmargin=0
" trim trailing spaces
abbr _trim %s/ *$//
" abbreviate sinc   Sincerely yours, John B.
" abbr sinc 
  Sincerely yours,
    John B.
" experimental sinc
abbr sinc mz1Gj!`zpar
  Sincerely yours,
    John B.
" Set the indentation at 2 spaces
" set ht=2
set sw=2
" Set g to compile with gcc
" map g :!gcc %
" Set g to format
" map g {ji  !}par
" Set ^P to insert PubDate in an RSS feed
map  Oi!$/path/to/bin/rfc822time
I      <pubDate>A</pubDate>
" Ignore case in searches
" set ignorecase
" Map the letter 'g' to running tth on index.tex  The -u flag is to try to make firefox work with the symbol font
" map g :!tth -L -u  /path/to/whiteboard/index.tex
" Map the letter 'q' to changing the current .signature
" map q :!s
" Try to change the signature with g
map g mzG$d?^-- $
^C-- :!s
:read ~/.signature
" Try to map _ to deleting the last two lines (for removing the URL from my signature)
map _ mzG$kd2d`z
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