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SDF Dialup Membership

Introduction and Initial Account Configuration

What is DIALUP Membership?

Best way to learn about the DIALUP SDF membership is to login to your SDF shell account and enter dialup:

you@sdf: dialup

  SDF provides analogue and digital (ISDN) DIALUP service to members.
  To get a list of numbers in your area, use 'getdialup'.

  Some quick tips and things to note:

  1) You can choose from 54,143 dialup numbers in the USA & Canada
  2) Connections from 1200bps to 52000bps or 64kbps to 128kbps ISDN
  3) Read the bboard: for discussions on the membership
  4) Your dialup login is
  5) use 'setdialup' to maintain your DIALUP login and SMTP AUTH password
  6) Pay your dues via paypal or mail (type 'address' for more details)

     Dues are:  $10/mo, $27/qtr, $48/semi and $84/year and
     membership is open to all validated members, no setup fee, a
     monthly average of 15 hours a day, no dialer, no adverts!  Enjoy!

The SDF>DIALUP FAQ and have additional information. Before you sign-up though you may want to run getdialup first to see what numbers are in your local/extended calling area . Usually this information is contained in your local telephone directory.

example: list all (503) access numbers in the Portland, OR area

you@sdf: getdialup 503 | grep Portland
(503)  258-7011                     Portland    OR   pi             PacWest
(503)  258-7023                     Portland    OR   pi             PacWest
(503)  548-0317                     Portland    OR   pi             PacWest
(503)  416-2098                     Portland    OR   st          Du_MegaPop
(503)  488-3200                     Portland    OR   st          Du_MegaPop
(503)  734-3200                     Portland    OR   st          Du_MegaPop
(503)  258-7014                     Portland    OR   n3           Du_Sprint
(503)  914-0040                     Portland    OR   pw          Du_PacWest
(503)  974-0040                     Portland    OR   pw          Du_PacWest
(503)  914-0558                     Portland    OR   pw          Du_PacWest
(503)  972-0302                     Portland    OR   pw          Du_PacWest
(503)  467-6101                     Portland    OR   pw          Du_PacWest
(503)  548-0317                     Portland    OR   pw          Du_PacWest
(503)  412-1576                     Portland    OR   yn         YourNetPlus

Users in rural areas may find no local access numbers and would need to weigh the cost of long distance charges.

I've got SDF DIALUP membership - Now What?

Now you need to run setdialup and set the type of account and your DIALUP password. Most users will want to leave the type set to “NETWORK PPP”, the default:

you@sdf: setdialup


 [p]  Set your DIALUP and SMTP Auth password
 [n]  Set your connection type to NETWORK PPP (default)
 [s]  Set your connection type to SHELL
 [t]  Set your connection to TIP
 [r]  REMOVE your DIALUP Membership
 [q]  QUIT


Enter “p” to set password:


Setting your password for DIALUP LOGIN:
This will also serve as your SMTP AUTH for
New password:********
Retype new password:********
Password set for
Updates issued by mkhomepg, mkvhost, mkvpm and setdialup are executed
within 10 minutes.


Enter “q” to quit:

Choice? QUIT
You are using a NETWORK type LOGIN

That's it - time to get your modem set up and configured…

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