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A wiki 9front hjfs.cmd draft

wiki draft editing tasks:

  1. Replace cwfs with hjfs (complete)
  2. Review and correct inaccurate mention/use of hjfs.cmd in this document (pending)
  3. Review and correct misplaced wiki links (pending)

wiki implementation task:

  • Retain the wiki cwfs.cmd documentation (pending)
  • Retain the wiki hjfs.cmd documentation as a wiki link? (pending)
    • yes? (pending)
    • no? (pending)

Shutdown and restart

VPS Maintenance Shell for plan* (
no stats collected.
[c] - Connect to your console
[l] - list your status
[r] - reset or start
[s] - Force Shutdown (not an OS shutdown)
[t] - toggle your Operating System
[i] - Switch your VPS ID (multiple VPS members only)
[x] - Clean install (destroys data)
[p] - Change your password
[u] - View current interface statistics
[U] - View all recorded interface statistics
[q] - Disconnect
[30-Oct-20 22:59:17] Command: q
Connection to vps? closed.
x% fshalt from a Drawterm rio rc prompt (%), is okay. Close the local Drawterm application separately.

From the 9front Drawterm rio rc prompt:

  cpu% fshalt

  done halting
x% fshalt from the 9front VPS console rc prompt (%), then at the “VPS Maintenance Shell” enter 's' - force shutdown, then enter 'r' - reset or start.

From the 9front VPS Maintenance Shell console prompt:

  term% fshalt

  halting.../srv/hjfs.cmd...halted at Fri Oct 30 15:58:54 2020.

  done halting
1Press ctl-] to continue, if viewing where the VPS console rc prompt (%) was once active. Press the '[Enter]' key to access the VPS Maintenance Shell (may apply).
xFrom the VPS Maintenance Shell enter 's' - force shutdown, then enter 'r' - reset or start, or 'q' - disconnect. Enter 'l' to list your status.
xFrom the VPS Maintenance Shell enter 's' - force shutdown before starting the SDF 9front VPS. Ping the SDF Plan 9 VPS IP address (YOUR_IP) to determine if the VPS is running with networking.
  $ ping YOUR_IP

Adding a User

x'sysupdate' is reserved for the user glenda (Thu Jan 14 08:07:38 GMT 2021).
Section FQA 7 - System Management
7.3.1 - Adding users
7.4.2 - Adding users

You may want to add a user to your system once you get the hang of things. There is really no need to create a new user when you are first starting out. It's safer to use the Drawterm rio rc prompt (%) for the following task, should there be a need for the '[Backspace]' key.

To create a new user, you must connect to the file server console by typing: 'con -C /srv/hjfs.cmd'1. Once at the file server prompt (a blank), create a new user. Replace USER with what you want your new user to be named: 'newuser USER'. You will need to add that USER to the “sys” group if you want it to be able to change system configuration files. Again, change USER to what your new user name is: 'newuser sys +USER'. Exit the file server console prompt (a blank) by typing: 'ctrl+\'. You will now be at the “> > >” prompt; type 'q' to quit the “> > >” prompt.

  % con -C /srv/hjfs.cmd
  newuser USER
  newuser sys +USER
  newuser adm +USER
  newuser upas +USER


  >>> q

The following steps assume that you have edited files while user “glenda”, have run '% fshalt' from the VPS console rc prompt (%) or Drawterm rio rc prompt (%), been able to “[s] - Force Shutdown” and “[r] - reset or start” the VM from the VPS Maintenance Shell, and have used 9front Drawterm successfully. Enter the new “USER” name after an 'fshalt' and a VPS Maintenance Shell [s] - Force Shutdown and [r] - reset or start.

user[glenda]: ← Enter the new 'USER' name.

Verify your new “USER” login with 'pwd' or 'lc -l'. Stop if 'pwd' does not show your new “USER” name.

Initialize the new user environment with '% /sys/lib/newuser', from the VPS console prompt (%).

  term% /sys/lib/newuser

A list of eight directory and file tasks.2

mkdir /n/other/usr/$user
mkdir /n/other/usr/$user/tmp
cp -x /usr/glenda/sdf /usr/$user/sdf
cp -x /usr/glenda/start /usr/$user/start
cp -x /usr/glenda/bin/rc/riostart /usr/$user/bin/rc/riostart
cp /usr/glenda/lib/profile /usr/$user/lib/profile
mkdir /usr/$user/www
cp /usr/glenda/www/* /usr/$user/www/

A list of one pending task.3

bind -c /n/other/usr/$user/tmp /usr/$user/tmp

A list of two optional tasks.

mkdir /usr/$user/lib/mothra
cp /usr/glenda/lib/mothra/hit.html /usr/$user/lib/mothra/hit.html

The mentioned eight tasks are preformed from the VPS console prompt (%).

  term% mkdir /n/other/usr/$user
  term% mkdir /n/other/usr/$user/tmp
  term% cp -x /usr/glenda/sdf /usr/$user/sdf
  term% cp -x /usr/glenda/start /usr/$user/start
  term% cp -x /usr/glenda/bin/rc/riostart /usr/$user/bin/rc/riostart
  term% cp /usr/glenda/lib/profile /usr/$user/lib/profile
  term% mkdir /usr/$user/www
  term% cp /usr/glenda/www/* /usr/$user/www/

A VPS console prompt (%) % sam -d edit example, similar to % ed. Optionally, a new user start file can be created while user glenda is connected with Drawterm, before a new user is created. The ed, sam, and acme editors are usable with a Drawterm rio rc prompt (%).

term% lc start
term% cp start start2
term% sam -d start2
 -. start2
echo 'key proto=dp9ik dom=plan9 user=glenda !password=L0gWlaM' > /mnt/factotum/ctl
echo 'key proto=dp9ik dom=plan9 user=moth1 !password=L0gWlaM' > /mnt/factotum/ctl
ip/httpd/httpd -a $myip -w /usr/glenda/www
ip/httpd/httpd -a $myip -w /usr/moth1/www
start2: #273

Start Drawterm from the local operating system, after the /usr/$user/start user name is changed, and the /usr/$user/start www directory name is changed.

  $ ./drawterm -h YOUR_IP -u new USER

1 For the hjfs file server, only ("halting.../srv/hjfs.cmd..."). 2 7.3.1 - Adding users New users are created without a profile, mail directory, tmp directory (needed to edit files with sam) or other confections (sdf, start, riostart, www, index.html). 3 7.3.1 - Adding users The default system /lib/namespace does the following: bind -c /n/other/usr/$user/tmp /usr/$user/tmp

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