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Keeping track of the massive menu of SDF offerings

Service available at membership level further action required
user ARPA MetaARPA self-service (e.g., log in to maint) email membership prepay for the desired timespan
email at shell
webmail ✔(1)
textmode games and coreutils
bboard, com, local irc
interactive tutorials and bootcamps on exotic operating systems (TWENEX, Plan9)
USENET access ✔(1)
tiny tiny RSS
textmode interface to reddit ✔(1)
serving gopher content
serving gemini content
serving static html
choose a vanity domain other than
register and host arbitrary domain name ✔(2) ✔(2)
manage mailing lists ✔(2) ✔(2)
private Minecraft server
peertube video hosting
pixelfed image hosting
DJ a show on ANONRADIO
Matrix chat
URL shortening service
compiler toolchains and interpreters (gcc, elisp, perl, python, …)
CGI using shell, awk, sed ✔(1)
CGI using php, perl, python, ruby
VOIP (incoming from anywhere, outgoing within the SDF switchboard)
VOIP (outgoing to the global PSTN, direct inward dialing) ✔(2) ✔(2)
UUCP mail
NextCloud storage space
Gitea account
persistent background processes (tmux, screen)
dedicated port for small-footprint services
ssh tunnel/forwarding
ability to use as a remote SMTP server ✔(2)
permissions to install software and edit tutorials/FAQ
permission to edit this wiki
access to private arpa servers
access to beastie, iceland, sverige
access to the MetaArray
virtual private server ✔(2)


  1. after account validation
  2. recurring payments above and beyond the baseline for that tier
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