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Mozilla Thunderbird

These instructions should work for any recent Thunderbird (version 68 and up)

  • Tools → Account Settings → Add Mail Account
  • Your name: Your Name (ex. Bill Gates)
  • Email address: your email address (ex.
  • Password: your normal shell login password
  • Click Continue and then click Manual Config
  • Incoming IMAP
  • Incoming Server Hostname:
  • Security: STARTTLS
  • Port: 143
  • Authentication: Normal password
  • Outgoing SMTP (only works if you are MetaARPA or pay for dialup)
  • Outgoing Server Hostname:
  • Port 587
  • Security: STARTTLS
  • Authentication: Encrypted password
  • Username: Your domain name, … for example,
  • Click Re-Test and Create Account
  • You will be prompted for your SMTP password the first time you go to send mail. This is the password generated by mkvpm on the command line.
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