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Mail.App under Macos X

  • Open
  • Mail > Add account
  • Select “Other Mail Account…” and click “Continue”
  • Enter your Email Address and SDF password.
  • Next menu displays “Unable to verify account name of password.” Fear not! Enter Username: <your SDF username> Password: <your SDF password>, Account Type: IMAP, Incoming Mail Server: <>, Outgoing Mail Server: <>
  • Click Sign In. Check box for Mail. Uncheck box for Notes. Click Done.

OK, now you can receive mail but not send.

  • Try sending yourself an email. It won't send; it will be in the Outbox.
  • Click on that message in the Outbox. It displays a menu entitled “Cannot send message using the server SDF.”
  • Select SDF and click “Edit SMTP Server List”.
  • Enter Username:, Password: <your SMTP auth password>, uncheck “Automatically manage connection settings”. Port: 587, check “Use TLS/SSL”, Authentication: select “MD5 Challenge-Response”.
  • Close the window. Select SDF server and “Try with Selected Server”.
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