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drawterm, rio and stats


Command 9front Drawterm output
$ ./drawterm –helpusage: drawterm [-GBO] [-h host] [-u user] [-a authserver] [-s secstore] [-e 'crypt hash'] [-k keypattern] [-p] [-t timeout] [-r root] [-c cmd …]


RIOusage:rio [-b] [-f font] [-i initcmd] [-k kbdcmd] [-s]
xrio customization
xWhen you have found a window layout that you like, you might like that persisted between sessions, so that you don't have to place the windows again. We can start rio using multiple ways. When we drawterm in our 9front vps the $home/lib/profile script is executed. Since the service type (echo $service) is of type cpu we see that rio is started as rio -i riostart . Looking at the manual page we see that the -i option takes certain “window” commands that instruct rio in what positions to load the windows and which application to run in them, it also mentions the wloc command which prints the window layout for the current session. By putting the contents of wloc in the $home/bin/rc/riostart script then we can have a persistent layout on all rio sessions.


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