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Virtual Private Server Service on SDF

SDF VPS Service is available to MetaARPA members, at three different subscription levels. 1)

Membership Dues Memory Disk Tier
$7/mo, $60/year 1024MB 20GB (per OS) entry level membership
$14/mo, $112/year 1536MB 50GB (per OS) regular membership
$28/mo, $224/year 2048MB 100GB (per OS) maximum quota

Additional disks may be purchased in 20GB increments.

Additional dues Disk size
$3/mo, $36/year 20GB

Here are setup tutorials for various available Operating Systems2) for your VPS:

SDF VPS membership
CentOS 8.2-2.2004OpenBSD 7.0
Debian 10 (buster)OpenSUSE 15.2 (leap)
DragonFly BSD 5.8.3Oracle Solaris 11.3
Fedora Server 33Plan 9 (9front amd64 “community vs. infrastructure”)
FreeBSD 13Slackware 14.2
GNU/Hurd 0.9Trisquel 9
Illumos OmniOS r151034Ubuntu Server 20.10

Tip: Search the SDF wiki for tutorials that contain a mentioned subscription keyword.

copied from This screenshot captures a previous incarnation of the SDF homepage, whose contents are now only visible in the VPS drop-down menu at
VPS operating system versions are mentioned in bboard <ANNOUNCE>.
Type 'arpa' at the SDF shell ($ arpa) for details.
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