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 +====== Welcome to the SDF User Knowledge Base ======
 +This is a wiki containing shared member-contributed tutorials, help and tips for existing and potential [[:sdf|SDF]] users, focusing on the [[wp>Internet|INTERNET]], the [[wp>Unix|UNIX]] operating system, and programming languages. The purpose of this wiki is to help users share information about the [[ | SDF Public Access UNIX System]] and UNIX. 
 +Initially, this was a subset of the information from the //HTML((Something of a //html2docuwiki// dump of the traditional HTML tutorials exists [[|here]]. It was useful for [[:porting existing tutorials to the wiki|replicating content in this wiki]].))// tutorials at [[| → tutorials]].
 +It's expected that the <nowiki></nowiki> wiki content will grow and change. If you have SDF wiki access, please write additional tutorials, help and tips; migrate traditional tutorial content updates/changes; or port new and upcoming traditional tutorial content. Copies of the SDF traditional tutorial import //data ((Something of a //html2docuwiki// dump of the traditional HTML tutorials exists [[|here]]. It was useful for [[:porting existing tutorials to the wiki|replicating content in this wiki]].))// was kindly provided by contributing members of [[:sdf|SDF]].
 +If you would like to be able to edit this tutorial wiki, email [[]] (mailto link).
 +====== Tutorials and Links To Tutorials ======
 +  * [[SDF Basics]] (most basic: [[finding help | finding help!]])
 +  * [[Email]] - description of Email at SDF and tutorials
 +  * Internet Web sites you can make on SDF:
 +    * [[Website Setup and Hosting Features |WWW Website Setup and Hosting Features]]
 +    * [[Gopher Site Setup and Hosting Features]]
 +    * [[Gemini Site Setup and Hosting Features]]
 +    * [[toobnix|Using the SDF Video Gallery]] - [[wp>PeerTube|PeerTube]]
 +    * [[image gallery|Using the SDF Image Gallery]]
 +  * [[Internet Chat Relay (IRC) on SDF]]
 +  * [[sdf_voip_telephony_service|SDF VoIP Telephony Service]] - [[wp>Voice_over_IP|VoIP]]
 +  * [[SDF Dialup and DSL INTERNET Service]]
 +  * [[:sdf_virtual_private_server_service|SDF Virtual Private Server (VPS) Service]] (MetaARPA)
 +  * [[ANONRADIO | SDF Radio! / ANONRADIO Service]]
 +  * [[Customize Your SDF Shell Experience]]
 +  * [[Retro-Computing]] - including Twenex and other retrocomputing environments
 +  * [[:plan_9_from_bell_labs|Plan 9]] from Bell Labs, and the [[:sdf|SDF]] [[:vps_-_plan_9_9front|VPS - Plan 9 / 9Front]]
 +  * [[Software Development Resources]] -- including Source Control
 +  * [[metaarray|SDF's META ARRAY]] - a group of multicore, multiraid, high performance nodes
 +  * [[Wiki Authoring]]
 +====== Advanced Topics ======
 +  * [[SDF Advanced Tutorials]]
 +  * [[meta_port_allocation|Port Allocation]] for **meta** users
 +  * Terminal Multiplexing options: [[screen|Screen]] and [[tmux|Tmux]], also available for **meta** users
 +====== Cheat Sheets ======
 +  * [[pico_cheat_sheet|Pico Cheat Sheet]] -- **pico** is the default editor for [[bboard|bboard]]
 +  * [[emacs_cheatsheet|Emacs Cheatsheet]] -- **emacs** is an uber-editor and a religion unto itself (this statement is [[|only kind of a joke]]).
 +  * [[ed_cheat_sheet|ed Cheat Sheet]] -- **ed** is the Tom Bombadil of editors ("Eldest" and confusing)
 +====== SDF Access Topics ======
 +  * [[gate_one_ssh_interface|Secure login to SDF from a browser]]
 +  * [[sdf_for_blind_users|SDF for blind users]]
 +====== About SDF ======
 +  * [[sdf|SDF]]:
 +    * [[how_to_donate|How to Donate and why]] - A page to explain how and why your friends and family (or you) should help fund SDF.
 +    * [[spreading_the_word_about_sdf|Spreading the word about SDF]]
 +  * [[social_network|SDF - The Ethical Social Network]]
 +  * [[Software Packages on SDF by Category]]
 +  * [[Online privacy]] and SDF
 +====== Other Things ======
 +[[misc:start| misc: A wiki namespace for other things]] --have some non-tutorial, not-**about SDF** things to wikify? Here's a place for it.
 +====== Tutorial Wiki Playground ======
 +You can mess around on the wiki in the [[playground:playground| playground]] namespace, which is separate from and won't affect the main wiki. So if you want to practice before making changes to the wiki, go there and mess with it however you want (remember the wiki has version tracking, so even egregious changes can be undone rather quickly!)
 +One thing in the playground is an idea for a different front page: [[playground:a_cleaner_front_page_--_push_most_things_into_sub-menus|Playground Proposed Front Page: Welcome to SDF User Contributed Tutorials]], check it out and let folks know if you like it on the TUTORIALS board in [[bboard|bboard]]
 +== Notes ==
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