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iPhone Mail Application

This tutorial was written on iOS version 13.3. The exact prompts on other versions may vary.

  1. In Settings, scroll to Passwords & Accounts. Tap Add Account
  2. On the next screen, select Other, then Add Mail Account
  3. Fill in the details (examples below), then tap Next
    1. Name Joe Bleaux
    2. Email
    3. Password your SDF password
    4. Description SDF Mail for Joe Bleaux (or whatever floats your boat)
  4. You will need to fill in pretty much all the details by hand.
    1. For Incoming Mail Server section:
      1. Hostname
      2. Username jbleaux
      3. Password your SDF password
    2. For Outgoing Mail Server (a membership with SMTP Auth is required to use this feature)
      1. Hostname
      2. Username This will be the URL you have set up if you have a custom one. If not, then model it after this example.
      3. Password Auth Secret set via mkvpm
  5. Click Save on the next screen.
  6. Select the account from the Passwords & Accounts screen. On the next screen, Tap Account (which will show your username (
  7. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  8. Under Incoming Settings, tap to enable Use SSL, and for Server Port, put 993.
  9. Tap SMTP (Under Outgoing Mail Server), to view outgoing mail options, then tap the Primary Server (should be Change Authentication to MD5 Challenge-Response. Click Done at the top.
  10. Tap Account at the top to go back, then tap Done.

You should be sending and receiving your SDF mail on your iPhone!

iPhone Mail Application - traditional link (using RCS)

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